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Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 27, 2012

The Olympians together with Saint Germain, April 27th, 2012

Temple of Zeus at Cyrene, Libya

Greetings from the Galactic Federation of Light,

The aim is to realize that only free choice you have is to claim at worldwide level your right for free will. That you get rid of the heritage of falsity and remember your integrity, your unselfishness, your immortality by honoring them as the higher values. That you be released from the fabricated prison of ingrained beliefs that they have abruptly and disrespectfully put into your consciousness1.

All the active awakened people must unite and shout to the entire planet: “We woke up from the compulsive lethargy that has been imposed upon us for centuries and we are ready, with the full support and protection of the Olympian gods to bear the banner of freedom, something that we know very well how to do against anything that threatens to destroy the Ellanion2 spirit”.

The drums have sounded and you were the first to sound them3, in grit, boldness and bravery that is appropriate in every Hellen4.

Your fear became power and you have remembered your sacred duty to Ellanion land.

The Apollonian light has shone again with more power within the hearts of Hellenes and using it we call all humans on Earth to raise the flag of freedom and to unite their power with yours, a holy Ellanion power that you tap and eternally will tap from your Olympian Gods.

We command you to open all the Olympian temples and honor the highest5.

With our soul power we express worldwide our sacred will to eliminate decay and to shout loudly that we reject the control that they keep on imposing on you .

We call humanity to raise up and claim its inalienable right to be truly humanitarian and not only be seen as so.

We call you to join us en mass, because the aim reaches far beyond the borders of our sacred land and it is one:
E L* F R E E D O M

A strong message, a clear intention, one voice, one power,

We are the Olympians together with Saint Germain.

Channeler: Demetra


1See in this video (after min 5) who were the Olympians and how consciousness might be manipulated (in a positive way here) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBC8i-26Nx4&feature=relmfu

2It means the ancient Hellenic (Greek) spirit

3As example see: : Thank you all the people of Greece who are leading the way: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=tqeTGTU6FFg

4Hellenes is the appropriate name for the now called Greeks. Keep in mind however that: Anybody can be a Hellene, by his heart his mind, his spirit …” (Socrates).

5Taking into account that all the temples of the Olympians are built on places with specific energy fields, this might mean the activation of many portals all over the land of ancient Hellas, which today are several countries such as Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, e.t.c.

*EL means light

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