When you govern, take care so that your actions will be a jewel

Saturday, July 21, 2012

June 28th, 2012

The Olympians from star city Phoenix, June 28th, 2012

Greetings from the central section of information and observation of the Star city Phoenix, that protects the energy area of Greece with the presence, always, of the 12 Olympian hyper-beings. We come to continue our previous message, which is fully confirmed by the developments.

Α) St Germaine’s abundance packages: After a meeting and consistent unanimity of the seven wise men of the galactic system, it was decided that the abundance packages of St. Germaine, as they are known to you, will not be given. There are many reasons for this, but mainly to avoid them falling into the hands of the Dark Ones. This is for your protection, since your decisions as Earth beings prove the opposite of what you are asking. You are asking for prosperity, love, integrity, equality, unselfishness, justice for the people and punishment for those who hurt and betrayed Greece and its people. But, you succumb in fear, selfishness, unreliability and the false promises being served to you. Did you ever wonder what would happen if you trusted for a moment the protection you are looking for? At this point we want to reassure those who unequivocally support us and our work that we know them and we have taken all the necessary measures for their protection at all levels.

B) Political developments in Greece - as you call them: Regarding the Ellaneia sacred place of philosophy, mentality and evolution, which the majority of people chose to forget, the events are unfolding just as we said in our previous message. After the second election failure, the elections of October are a fact. The present government was self-installed and it is not entitled to either one decision on the total of the citizens of this holy country. It has no value in the European political scene, and everyone knows this. All this was done with the tolerance of the President of the Greek Republic. Under the Greek constitution law, decisions and laws for the country are made through the Greek parliament, which currently does not exist.

Given these developments, the third and last chance given is in October, in fall, and you will decide in conscience, in whatever way you perceive it, if you will become a protectorate of a well-controlled federal Europe or you will demand by a referendum your inalienable right to become proprietors of your country and your wealth, and thus the prosperity for you and your descendants.

C) Media: A shadow play. A well-controlled group, that obeys and executes mobsters’ and betrayers’ commands against the people of this country. As applies to all rules, there are exceptions, and this concerns all media: television, radio, and internet.

D) Our mass disclosure: In our previous message we have stated clearly and unequivocally that it is our intention to appear and we should do it by a specific warning, a countdown clock. This was scheduled for November 21st, 2012. In particular, we wish to inform you that this is no longer valid after the equally unanimous decision of the seven galactic wise men, because the message transferred into a collective level is fear and doubt. This is what we receive. Therefore, we decided from now on to be observers, from above and also from the surface of Gaia, without being perceivable, in order to sustain, support and balance all those, whose faith no doubt is what prevails within them, and we thank them for this. When we move among you, you cannot recognize us because of your low vibration, because your 5 senses posses you and not vice versa. However, there are many persons who can recognize us, they perceive us and they communicate with us and we communicate with them. Our worldwide presentation before December 2012 will be made only if we decide that this affects our development at a future time. Further information on this issue will be given after November 21st, the date for which has been decided the next Galactic meeting.

E) Spiritual community in the worldwide web (internet): The false-veil has fallen and many masks will be revealed beginning November 21st. It will be revealed who was actually receiving messages from intergalactic, galactic, Olympian entities, gods, masters and archangels. You must learn to discern the intentions behind these texts and the messages they want to send into your subconscious. Regarding our side, we want to make clear that we did not provide any advanced technology, with some exceptions including a certain Greek team. Therefore, these devices that were falsely reported on the internet, as coming from us, do not exist. These technologies in the hands of the ignorant and uninformed, are able to cause havoc and destruction. What we want to offer this planet is peace and freedom. From now on, you will select according to your conscience.

In conclusion, by completing our message we want to put you one question for answer: How will you recognize the Light when you choose to see only fear, without opening a window to pull the light. Finally we want to refer to all the spiritual and non-spiritual cycles who profess fair, unselfish, within harmony and love, but at the same time with selfish intentions and purposes, at individual level each, pillory our effort to respond to your call, taking all steps we deem to be necessary for your safetyand your highest good.

With honor and glorious Ellanian greetings, be in power and bliss.

Star city Phoenix and Olympians.

Channel: Demetra

Vasiliki & Luisa

Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 26th, 2012

The Olympians and Intergalactic Federation of Light from star city Phoenix, May 26th, 2012

The battle of Salamis, 480 b.c.

Greetings from the central part of the star city Phoenix, that covers the energy area of Greece and Europe. We come to inform you about the plans of the dark ones concerning the events they are preparing in Greece and all around Europe, some of which are already running.

The parliamentary election of June 17th, 2012 in Greece will be one more failure, since the political parties and the abstention of people will not allow for a mandate concerning the government formation. This will create tensions both at home and abroad at the European center. The uncontrollability of the country together with political mannequins being "slaughtered" each other to convince people about their integrity that is in complete absence, will generate at the same time Incendiary controlled groups aiming tension, and the ultimate goal of engaging Greeks in a civil war, which tends to take a heavy toll and you all know the results of those operations.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 9th, 2012

The Olympians and Ascended Masters from the Intergalactic Federation of Light, May 9th, 2012

The golden ivory statue of Zeus (representation) by Pheidias in Olympia, Greece - one of the seven wanders of the world

Dearest souls, you must reorganize your tasks at a faster pace. The countdown has already started. The Dark ones are preparing a great “turmoil” for Humans on Earth, through their consciousness, their emotions and DNA. Be alerted.

A more conscious and collective response from people is required in order to speed up Disclosure and First Contact procedure.

Humans living on Earth need to recognize first their deep rooted beliefs and their egos before they request help. They should be aware of the artificial memories that have been created in them before they can trigger a collective action by the Law of Attraction and the Law of Reciprocity.

We expect you to act collectively. Express your clear intention and demand your free will right irrevocably, in order you send your clear intent to the collective unconscious of Gaia as a vote of confidence for help in getting rid of the Dark forces at whatever level they might exist.

You must request, clearly and irreversibly:

a) The activation of Law of Attraction,

b) The activation of the Law of Reciprocity, that is a law of non-intervention, if requested with the current intention, it becomes a law of intervention and full disclosure of Intergalactic Federation of Light, the Olympians and the Ascended Masters.

Your evolution is an inalienable right of yours and you need to claim it vigorously. You must demand to be accepted immediately.

Demand you know the official date for full disclosure of the Intergalactic Federation during the summer time of this year.

Act collectively in order to concentrate a remarkable number of souls on Earth that will officially, consciously and responsibly demand the above through your representative.
We are the Olympians and Ascended Masters from the Intergalactic Federation of Light

Channel: Demetra


Message from Demetra:

I will request to attend an audience with the Intergalactic Central Council only after being aware if the required number of people on Earth has previously responded. I have two more applications to be present at an audience and we must be absolutely sure of the number of the people involved. We do not play with such responsible matters!

Monday, April 30, 2012

April 29th 2012

The Olympians and the Central Council of the Galactic Federation of Light, April 29th, 2012

Temple of Apollon at Delphi, Greece

Greetings from the Galactic Federation of Light,

The day May of 5th is the day of five, the number of Epsilon, of Apollo, of Light. In this day all portals all over Earth will be officially activated and the procedure has been locked in place. No matter if they are free or occupied1, on this day all portals will go under the control of the [Inter] Galactic Federation of Light2, under control of the Olympians and this includes all flight systems of this Galaxy.

We have already warned you that Olympus is active. The hyper weapon, this energy umbrella of high technology, has been activated and protects your consciousness and your emotions from the dark efforts to create fear. Through DNA intervention3, its aim is to develop the collective consciousness.

Our next message will be about our first contact. For security reasons the date is not announced. One of your media will announce that we are coming. Twenty four hours prior to our arrival you will be warned to get ready by a message that will interrupt the program of all your media. Then all your media will be closed and all flights will be cancelled. You will see on your TV sets a clock counting down for the earthly time left before our arrival.

The countdown for total disclosure and the fall of the false veil has started.

We are the Olympians and the Central Council of the Inter Galactic Federation of Light

Channeler: Demetra


1Occupied portals: This probably means that certain area is used now for other purposes. At all ages, in all centuries and regardless of religion, people used to build temples over such portals for diverse reasons. A representative example of such a portal is considered Aya Sofia in Istanbul, Turkey. For those who may consider that this place is now occupied by Muslims they should consider that before it was occupied by Christians.

2The channeller claims that the appropriate term is “Intergalactic Federation of Light”. This should mean that more than one Galaxies are involved.

3see comment 1 in the message of April 27th

Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 27, 2012

The Olympians together with Saint Germain, April 27th, 2012

Temple of Zeus at Cyrene, Libya

Greetings from the Galactic Federation of Light,

The aim is to realize that only free choice you have is to claim at worldwide level your right for free will. That you get rid of the heritage of falsity and remember your integrity, your unselfishness, your immortality by honoring them as the higher values. That you be released from the fabricated prison of ingrained beliefs that they have abruptly and disrespectfully put into your consciousness1.

All the active awakened people must unite and shout to the entire planet: “We woke up from the compulsive lethargy that has been imposed upon us for centuries and we are ready, with the full support and protection of the Olympian gods to bear the banner of freedom, something that we know very well how to do against anything that threatens to destroy the Ellanion2 spirit”.

The drums have sounded and you were the first to sound them3, in grit, boldness and bravery that is appropriate in every Hellen4.

Your fear became power and you have remembered your sacred duty to Ellanion land.

The Apollonian light has shone again with more power within the hearts of Hellenes and using it we call all humans on Earth to raise the flag of freedom and to unite their power with yours, a holy Ellanion power that you tap and eternally will tap from your Olympian Gods.

We command you to open all the Olympian temples and honor the highest5.

With our soul power we express worldwide our sacred will to eliminate decay and to shout loudly that we reject the control that they keep on imposing on you .

We call humanity to raise up and claim its inalienable right to be truly humanitarian and not only be seen as so.

We call you to join us en mass, because the aim reaches far beyond the borders of our sacred land and it is one:
E L* F R E E D O M

A strong message, a clear intention, one voice, one power,

We are the Olympians together with Saint Germain.

Channeler: Demetra


1See in this video (after min 5) who were the Olympians and how consciousness might be manipulated (in a positive way here) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBC8i-26Nx4&feature=relmfu

2It means the ancient Hellenic (Greek) spirit

3As example see: : Thank you all the people of Greece who are leading the way: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=tqeTGTU6FFg

4Hellenes is the appropriate name for the now called Greeks. Keep in mind however that: Anybody can be a Hellene, by his heart his mind, his spirit …” (Socrates).

5Taking into account that all the temples of the Olympians are built on places with specific energy fields, this might mean the activation of many portals all over the land of ancient Hellas, which today are several countries such as Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, e.t.c.

*EL means light