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Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 26th, 2012

The Olympians and Intergalactic Federation of Light from star city Phoenix, May 26th, 2012

The battle of Salamis, 480 b.c.

Greetings from the central part of the star city Phoenix, that covers the energy area of Greece and Europe. We come to inform you about the plans of the dark ones concerning the events they are preparing in Greece and all around Europe, some of which are already running.

The parliamentary election of June 17th, 2012 in Greece will be one more failure, since the political parties and the abstention of people will not allow for a mandate concerning the government formation. This will create tensions both at home and abroad at the European center. The uncontrollability of the country together with political mannequins being "slaughtered" each other to convince people about their integrity that is in complete absence, will generate at the same time Incendiary controlled groups aiming tension, and the ultimate goal of engaging Greeks in a civil war, which tends to take a heavy toll and you all know the results of those operations.

The European Community will benefit from this and will try to have the country occupied under the pretext of protecting the Greek EU citizens until next election that will be announced for October 2012. The centerpiece in this operation will be the Franco-German alliance, that is controlled by the Illuminati core. Until the date of the third consecutive parliamentary election, claiming the right of their occupation, they will dominate every square millimeter of the country, by controlling laws and making decisions that will degrade and impoverish the human intellect, violating the right of free will and Gaia’s evolution in its transition to the fifth dimension. This will be spread to other European countries challenged by economic austerity and misery, having been announced in Greece first in October, the 4th Memorandum is already prepared for presentation and aplication. The European Union will split, with Germany trying to become a hyperstate of terror and control, subjugating the other European countries under their protection/occupation. The intention of the Dark ones is that the plan for Europe, which has already been launched in Greece, will be extended to the other four continents of Earth’s surface.

These Illuminati plans might be reversed and prevented. This depends on your own free will/choice. GREEKS, to elect any big party and a government at the next election, will only facilitate the expansion of the Illuminati’s plans. The new Memorandum will be implemented and your impoverishment will come with your vote/ approval. What you can do is to abstain yourselves from any election as you recently have done, and do claim the right of a referendum to decide once again, death or liberty “e tan e epi tas” (=this or on this)*. Within Greece, the one assigned to protect and obey the state laws for the citizens’ benefit resisting the control and threat placed on him, is the President of the Republic. He should announce the referendum about the country’s course, to be decided jointly by the people.

The Olympians and the Intergalactic Federation support, sustain and defend the decisions of the people. The conclusion of the events above mentioned will be the signal for us to intervene and actively tangle, it will be the stimulus for our full presence which you will be perceived with your 5 senses. At this point, we need to highlight the strength of soul that Greeks hold and which need to substantially resurrect in these difficult months to come. Do not succumb in fear and threat, hold your head high and claim your right for you and for your descendants to exist as real humans and not just look like humans, as we have told you before. If you recall your history you will see Greeks, united as a superpower, won battles for freedom of their soul without being subjugated and bow their heads. May your choice through free will be for the highest good of yours, of the world and of this galaxy.

We are the Olympians and the Intergalactic Federation of Light from the star city Phoenix

Channel: Demetra

*ancient Greek dictum. In Sparta, before the boys leave for the battle field, their mothers used giving them their buckler and told them this dictum. The actual meaning is: bring me back your buckler or they bring your body on your buckler.


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