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Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 9th, 2012

The Olympians and Ascended Masters from the Intergalactic Federation of Light, May 9th, 2012

The golden ivory statue of Zeus (representation) by Pheidias in Olympia, Greece - one of the seven wanders of the world

Dearest souls, you must reorganize your tasks at a faster pace. The countdown has already started. The Dark ones are preparing a great “turmoil” for Humans on Earth, through their consciousness, their emotions and DNA. Be alerted.

A more conscious and collective response from people is required in order to speed up Disclosure and First Contact procedure.

Humans living on Earth need to recognize first their deep rooted beliefs and their egos before they request help. They should be aware of the artificial memories that have been created in them before they can trigger a collective action by the Law of Attraction and the Law of Reciprocity.

We expect you to act collectively. Express your clear intention and demand your free will right irrevocably, in order you send your clear intent to the collective unconscious of Gaia as a vote of confidence for help in getting rid of the Dark forces at whatever level they might exist.

You must request, clearly and irreversibly:

a) The activation of Law of Attraction,

b) The activation of the Law of Reciprocity, that is a law of non-intervention, if requested with the current intention, it becomes a law of intervention and full disclosure of Intergalactic Federation of Light, the Olympians and the Ascended Masters.

Your evolution is an inalienable right of yours and you need to claim it vigorously. You must demand to be accepted immediately.

Demand you know the official date for full disclosure of the Intergalactic Federation during the summer time of this year.

Act collectively in order to concentrate a remarkable number of souls on Earth that will officially, consciously and responsibly demand the above through your representative.
We are the Olympians and Ascended Masters from the Intergalactic Federation of Light

Channel: Demetra


Message from Demetra:

I will request to attend an audience with the Intergalactic Central Council only after being aware if the required number of people on Earth has previously responded. I have two more applications to be present at an audience and we must be absolutely sure of the number of the people involved. We do not play with such responsible matters!

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